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Process information for silicon dioxide deposited on the Plasma-Therm Versaline PECVD system.

Recipe parameters

Recipe name

SiO2 Dep

OEI SiO2 Dep

RF power (W)90
Chamber pressure (mTorr)1400

SiH4 flow (sccm)


N2 flow (sccm)


N2O flow (sccm)


He flow (sccm)

Lower electrode temperature (°C)325
Upper electrode temperature (°C)200


Film properties

Deposition rate (nm/min)


Uniformity, SUP (± %)2.7
Refractive index (λ = 633 nm)1.464
Stress (MPa)-330 (compressive)

Etch rates

Etch process

Etch rate (nm/min)

BOE (10:1)

  • 144 with agitation
  • 124 without agitation

HF 49%

  • Etches very fast. No material left even after
  • 10 s on a
  • ~500 nm layer

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Qualification process procedure (edit to match procedure for this material)

Acquisition parameters for metrology are given in Standard qual measurements.

  1. Substrates:  Si prime wafers, 100 mm diameter, 525 ± 20 μm thick, SSP, ⟨100⟩, p-type/B, 10–20 Ω•cm
  2. Stress baseline measurement (Thin Film Stress Measurement (FLX 2320S))
  3. Piranha clean (Wet Process - Piranha - Wet Deck 2B):  15 min in 3:1 H₂SO₄:H₂O₂ + dump rinse + spin-rinse-dry
  4. Oxide strip (Wet Process - HF/BOE - Wet Deck 1A/B):  30 s in 10:1 BOE + dump rinse + spin-rinse-dry
  5. Deposition (Plasma-Therm Versaline PECVD):  [recipe name, dep time, etc.]
  6. Ellipsometry to determine optical constants (VASE Ellipsometer):  Measure at wafer centre.
  7. Thickness mapping (Filmetrics F50-UV):  Use optical constants from ellipsometry.  Uniformity calculated as std_dev/mean from 115 point map, 5 mm edge exclusion.
  8. Stress measurement (Thin Film Stress Measurement (FLX 2320S))