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ProductMicroposit MF-319 Developer
ManufacturerRohm And Haas Electronic Materials LLC
Composition95.0–99.0% water, 1.0–5.0% tetramethylammonium hydroxide, <1.0% polyalkylene glycol; liquid
Synonyms319, MF-319
Typical UsesDeveloper for photolithography

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Corrosive Serious health effects

Corrosive to metals Category 1 ,  Specific target organ toxicity – single exposure Category 1  (oral),  Specific target organ toxicity – repeated exposure Category 1 (dermal),  Skin corrosion/irritation Category 2 ,  Serious eye damage/eye irritation Category 2A

StorageCabinet 13 (bases cabinet in Wet Aisle 1); underneath litho wet decks
DisposalPour into wet deck (Litho Wet Deck 1/2, Wet Deck 1A/1B/2A) and rinse copiously with DI water.
CommentsStandard developer for LOR 5B in lift-off bilayer process.  Contains 2.45% TMAH; normality of 0.237 N.  Login to tool Litho Wet Deck #1 - TMAH or Litho Wet Deck #2 - TMAH when using.  Wear PPE when handling:  chemical-resistant gloves, acid apron, face shield.


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