ProductMicroposit MF-CD-26 Developer
ManufacturerRohm And Haas Electronic Materials LLC
Composition95.0–99.0% water, 1.0–5.0% tetramethylammonium hydroxide; liquid
Typical UsesDeveloper for photolithography

 (oral), (dermal), 

StorageCabinet 13 (bases cabinet in Wet Aisle 1); underneath litho wet decks
DisposalPour into wet deck (Litho Wet Deck 1/2, Wet Deck 1A/1B/2A) and rinse copiously with DI water.
CommentsTMAH concentration of 2.38%.  Normality of 0.261 N.  Login to tool Litho Wet Deck #1 - TMAH or Litho Wet Deck #2 - TMAH when using.  Wear PPE when handling:  chemical-resistant gloves, acid apron, face shield.


Please contact a nanoFAB staff member for uses not listed above.