ProductRb/Amax pill
ManufacturerSAES Getters S.p.A
Composition56% zirconium, 33% rubidium molybdate, 11% aluminum; solid
Synonymsrubidium dispenser
Typical UsesRb source for atomic vapour cells



StorageNot stored in the nanoFAB.
DisposalCollect for hazardous waste disposal.
CommentsWater reactive:  avoid contact with water.  Pills to be separated from silica gel powder in user's lab.  Pills to be placed in Si/glass vapour cells immediately prior to loading in wafer bonder for hermetic sealing.


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Ying-Ying (Brittany) Lu, Lindsay LeBlanc group, [Request]

Please contact a nanoFAB staff member for uses not listed above.

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