This page details the nanoFAB's response to combat transmission of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Please visit the University of Alberta COVID-19 Information page for the most recent campus-wide information.

The situation is evolving quickly—please check this page frequently for any updates.


To support ongoing academic and industrial work, the nanoFAB will remain open to users so long as regular University operations continue.  However, as a shared facility, the nanoFAB is instituting a number of additional policies to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission among users, in accordance with best-practice guidelines published by the University of Alberta, the Government of Alberta, and the Government of Canada

All users must review the policies on this page and follow them when using the nanoFAB.

Additional measures may need to be put in place as the situation evolves—we appreciate your patience as we navigate this unprecedented scenario.

Facility-wide policies

Masks are required in all common areas of ECERF, including the nanoFAB.   The nanoFAB only provides masks for working in the cleanroom and 10k areas.

If you are feeling unwell, do not enter the nanoFAB:  stay at home until you are well. 

Staffing Schedule

Effective   - the nanoFAB will operate with a split shift model for staffing. Staff members whose job function can be fulfilled from home, will primarily work from home. Remaining staff members who are required on-site to fulfill their primary job functions will work on-site daily, in two non-overlapping shifts. Please note that emails may be delayed as staff will not be responding to email while on-site. 

  • Shift 1 - 08:00 - 13:00 (morning)
  • Shift 2 - 13:00 - 18:00 (afternoon)

On-Site Staff


Morning Shift

08:00 - 13:00

Afternoon Shift

13:00 - 18:00

Maximum occupancy limits

To facilitate social distancing while working in nanoFAB lab spaces, the following maximum occupancy limits are in effect:

BuildingRoomDescriptionMaximum occupancy
ECERFW1-040Characterization Lab16
W1-040AXRD Room5
W1-060ASigma FESEM2 *
W1-060BHe Ion Microscope2 *
W1-06010k Deposition area12
W1-062 gowningGowning room4
W1-062ARAITH150 Two2
W1-062BHeidelberg MLA1503
CMEBL1-113XPS/SIMS/Auger Lab19
L2-112AFM Lab4
L2-120Sample Prep Lab4
L2-121TEM Prep Lab2 *
L2-121ATEM Control Room2 *
*  Requires the use of PPE

Location-specific policies

In addition to the facility-wide policies described above, the following policies apply to specific locations within the nanoFAB.


10k area

Characterization lab (ECERF W1-040)

FESEM and HIM rooms (ECERF W1-060A, W1-060B)

CME labs

Computational area (ECERF W1-028)

Common meeting area (ECERF W1-028)