The nanoFAB maintains close to 200 individual pieces of equipment for use by the community. This space is intended to provide detailed information from a tool-centric point of view. In order to access equipment, you must first become a registered user of the nanoFAB. Qualified users can reserve and use equipment to perform work independently. Any new processes must be vetted through the staff before being utilized within the nanoFAB.

Equipment pages serve as the main repositories for all Equipment related information in Confluence. The content within these pages is publicly available by default; however, content (such as this section) can be restricted to certain audiences using a variety of methods. The scope of the information contained within is dependant on the target audience, but broadly speaking we intend to use this section of confluence to for the following purposes:

For Users:

  1. Capture and display Equipment features, capabilities, configuration options and relevant manuals
  2. Organize and make available all application notes, operating procedures & hazard assessments

For Staff:

  1. Record serial numbers, UofA tags, service contract info, purchasing & installation records
  2. Store calibration procedures & records, advanced application notes
  3. Document PM procedures and forms, advanced application or process development work
  4. Provide an interface to underlying Google Drive for storage
  5. Provide access to vendor documents, service guides and system drawings or schematics

Through the use of diligent content labelling throughout confluence, the system will also aggregate content from across spaces for reference as well. This includes blog posts, or any other labeled content within the global confluence scope. 

For information on creating a new Equipment page - see how-to  Publish an Equipment Page

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