ProductProTEK B3-25
ManufacturerBrewer Science, Inc.
Composition30–40% ethyl-3-ethoxypropionate, 30–40% 5-methyl-2-hexanone, 20–30% polymer solids (proprietary); liquid
Typical UsesProtective coating for KOH etching


StorageCabinet 5 (flammables cabinet in Wet Aisle 2)
DisposalSolid:  red organic waste bins / red organics sharps waste pails in primary or secondary litho.  Liquid: solvent waste bottles in litho wet decks or wet decks 1A/1B/2A.
CommentsMust be spun on in foil-lined Headway spinner and baked on hotplates in Aisle 1 fumehood.  Avoid breathing fumes.


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Rob Peters, Applied Nanotools, [Request]

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