ProductAZ Developer 1:1
ManufacturerAZ Electronic Materials USA Corp.
Composition99% water, 1% sodium metasilicate; liquid
SynonymsAZDEV 1:1
Typical UsesDeveloper for photolithography


StorageCabinet 13 (bases cabinet in Wet Aisle 1); underneath litho wet decks
DisposalPour into wet deck (Litho Wet Deck 1/2, Wet Deck 1A/1B/2A) and rinse copiously with DI water.
CommentsStandard developer for AZ 1512 in lift-off bilayer process.  Alternate developer for AZ 1512, AZ 1529 (optimised for minimum aluminum attack).  


Please contact a nanoFAB staff member for uses not listed above.