ProductPI-2574 polyimide precursor
ManufacturerHD MicroSystems
Composition10–30% Polyamic acid of Benzophenone Tetracarboxylic Dianhydride/4,4-Oxydianiline/m-Phenylenediamine Polymer, >60% n-Methylpyrrolidone; liquid
SynonymsPyralin® polyimide precursor coatings
Typical UsesLow-temperature spin-on polyimide

 (respiratory system); 

StorageStock bottle to be stored in the resist fridge at the end of wet aisle 2. Working quantities may be poured into amber bottles and stored at room temperature in the solvent cabinet in wet aisle 2.
DisposalSolid: Organic waste / organic sharps waste buckets under Aisle 1 fumehood.  Liquid: solvent waste bottles in litho wet decks or wet decks 1A/1B/2A.
CommentsTo be spun onto substrates, followed by a soft bake on a hotplate.  Must be spun using the Headway Spinner, with a foil-lined bowl, in the Aisle 1 fumehood.  Softbake on a hotplate in this fumehood.  Curing allowed in Bottom Minibrute furnace.

Please contact a nanoFAB staff member for uses not listed above.