The SUSS MicroTec MA6/BA6 mask and bond aligner can be used both for g/h/i-line photolithography and aligning wafers for bonding (using the SUSS Bonder - Suss CB6L Bonder), with easy changeover between mask and bond aligner modes.

System Features

Accommodates substrates up to 150 mm in diameter (100 mm diameter in bond aligner mode)

Resolution down to 2.5 µm (standard); submicron resolution has been attained

Alignment precision of down to 0.5 µm

UV illumination uniformity of up to 5%

Contact modes: proximity, soft contact, hard contact, vacuum contact

Exposure modes: constant power, constant dose, split exposure

Mask-to-wafer alignment modes: manual, assisted, and automatic (via image processing and pattern recognition)

Topside and backside optical alignment

Automated wedge error compensation

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