A planar magnetron sputtering system with three guns, for deposition of metals, or reactive deposition of oxides/nitrides. A substrate holder allows up to a single 150 mm (6") substrate. The third source can be used with magnetic materials. The gun/substrate configuration is designed for co-sputtering. Substrate holder has heating to 150 °C.

LMACS NameSputtering System #2 (Doug)
Process Area


VendorKurt J Lesker

System Features

Sputter Guns3" guns; two standard guns, one gun for magnetic materials; sputter-up configuration
Gas SpeciesAr, O2, N2
Power2 MDX 500 power supplies, DC pulsed power supply, RF power supply for substrate bias (RF etchback)
Substrate HandlingSmall pieces on carrier wafers up to 150 mm diameter full wafers
Substrate HeatingUp to 150 °C
FeaturesSubstrate rotation; capable of co-sputtering; reactive sputtering oxides and nitrides (O2 and N2 process gases)


Operating Procedure
Hazard AssessmentSputtering System #2 (Doug) HA