An AJA Orion 8 planar magnetron sputter system with six 2" sputtering guns, four power supplies (2 DC, 2 RF), and substrate heating. It is a load-locked system with manual specimen transfer and automated (computer-controlled) deposition. The targets in all six guns are switched weekly upon request. Metals, dielectrics, and semiconductor materials may be deposited using this system.

System Features

Six 2" sputtering guns with automated power supply and shutter control; sputter-up configuration

QCM for accurate rate testing immediately prior to deposition (not in situ process monitoring)

Substrate heating to 500 °C using quartz lamps (higher temperatures may be allowed on a case-by-case basis)

RF etchback

Plumbed with N2 and O2‚ for reactive sputtering

Turbo-pumped load lock and process chamber

Maximum substrate size: one 100 mm (4") diameter wafer

Tooling available for small and irregular pieces

Rotating substrate holder

Target Change Schedule

  • Submit new target change requests on LMACS by 5:00 pm on Thursdays. Regular target changes are scheduled on Friday afternoons between 1:00–5:00 pm unless it is a public holiday. To access the LMACS request and be added to the "Frequent users" list, contact Tim Harrison at tr1@ualberta.ca.
  • 2 DC and 2 RF power supplies are currently functioning.
  • Available Si targets:
    • p-type:  purchased from Angstrom Engineering with B = 74 ppm and B = 350 ppm.
    • n-type:  purchased from Plasmaterials, part # PLA135674623110


Operating Procedure
Hazard AssessmentSputtering System #4 (Moe) HA
QCM Material ParametersQCM Material Parameters