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Deposition of boron-doped polysilicon. Qualified for 150 mm wafers. Depositions require ~4 hours of overhead (in addition to deposition time) for temperature ramping and pump/purge cycles.

Process Gases

Process gasMax Flow (MFC Range)
Silane 6.0 (SiH4) (D)200 sccm
Boron Trichloride BCl3 (D) 3%50 sccm
N2 BKFL5000 sccm
N2 VAC1000 sccm

Temperature Range

1500 C700 C
2500 C700 C
3500 C700 C

Standard Process Parameters


Pressure (mTorr)

Silane Flow

BCl3 Flow

Dep Rate


Operating Procedure
Hazard Assessment