The PlasmaPro 100 Estrelas platform is designed to give total flexibility for deep reactive-ion etching (DRIE) of Si, serving a diverse set of process requirements across the micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), advanced packaging, and Nanotechnology markets. Developed with both the research and production markets in mind, the PlasmaPro 100 Estrelas offers the ultimate in process flexibility.

Equipment Configuration

Configuration Schedule

Please refer to the Oxford Estrelas ICPRIE tool page on LMACS for the 100 mm / 150 mm clamp change schedule.

System Features

Wafer Handlingpieces (mounted)100 mm150 mm
Gas SpeciesO2C4F8SF6Ar
ICP RF Power5 kW (2MHz)

Chuck RF Power300 W LF (380kHz)600 W RF (13.56Mz)

Chuck-150 ºC (min)80 ºC (max)mechanical clampHBC


Operating Procedures and Hazard Assessments
Process InformationProcessing on the Oxford Estrelas