Please note due to Covid-19 restrictions, access to some nanoFAB resources may not be available.

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This document describes file transfer procedures from network restricted lab equipment. By design, equipment in the nanoFAB does not have direct internet access, so you cannot directly connect to any cloud services.

Table of Contents

Background information

To maximize security of tool control PC workstations, nanoFAB operates a segregated network, strictly limiting incoming and outgoing network traffic. 


  1. Double click on UofA AFS Storage desktop icon
  2. Follow the login prompts, authenticate using your CCID username and password. 


  3. Once logged in you will see two panes. The left side is the local computer, and the right side is the University of Alberta AFS store. Transfer your data from right pane (AFS) to an appropriate location in left pane (local computer). 


Personal, non-nanoFAB, or other Workstations

To access your University AFS storage from a personal computer, lab workstation not managed through nanoFAB, or other devices: