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This procedure describes the process required to specify or request a specific blade (other than the default glass blade) for the Disco DAD 3240 Dicing Saw. In order to ensure that there is sufficient time to restore the default glass blade, you must complete your session at least 30 minutes before the end of regular business hours (typically 5 pm).

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EquipmentDisco DAD 3240 Dicing Saw
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Equipment process area


Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Create a new request in LMACS
    1. Enter Dicing Blade Change for the Title.
    2. Select the Equipment Configuration Type.
    3. Select Dicing Saw (Disco DAD 3240) for the Equipment.
    4. In the Summary, enter the desired blade type (e.g., Si blade, sapphire blade).
  2. Add a new Booking within the request, selecting the Dicing Saw (Disco DAD 3240).
    1. Add an additional 30 mins to the beginning and end of your processing time to allow for the blade changes. 
    2. A nanoFAB staff member will change the blade during these additional 30 minute slots. 
  3. Once the blade has been changed, a comment will be added to the request.
  4. Login and use the system as usual and you will be billed for the actual used time.

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Staff Steps


Two blade changes are required per request: the first to change to the desired blade, the second to restore the default blade once completed. Once the blade has been changed, be sure to post a comment to the request.

  1. Plan to change the blades within the 30 minute windows on either end of the user booking.
  2. Once the blade has been changed, enter a comment into the request. 
  3. Enter another comment once the default glass blade has been restored.