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Project NameKJLC 150LX ALD Installation
Target Completion Date



In Progress

LocationW1-062 (Cleanroom)
ImpactsMinibrute Furnaces, Inspection Microscopes, UV Ozone Bonder, PDMS Process Area, Trion Phantom RIE, Vacuum ovens, KJLC 150LX Atomic Layer Deposition,  Branson Barrel Etcher


  1. Install the KJLC 150LX Atomic Layer Deposition System
  2. Relocate the Trion RIE to make room for the KJLC 150LX Atomic Layer Deposition system
  3. Reconfigure the South-East corner of the cleanroom to improve space utilization
    1. Decomission Minibrute Furnaces
    2. Install additional cleanroom storage
    3. Remove PDMS processing from the cleanroom
    4. Relocate inspection micrscopes

Background and strategic fit

In order to accommodate the installation of the new KJLC 150LX ALD system, a number of changes must be made within the cleanroom to make adequate space for the tool. The nanoFAB will take advantage of this period to make a number of smaller changes to the space in the south-east corner of the cleanroom. These changes will mean the removal of some equipment, and the relocation of others. This project aims to improve the overall usability of this portion of the cleanroom.

Key Dates and Timelines

These dates are provided as a best estimate based on the project plan and timeline. All dates are subject to change as we continue to work in a fluid environment. 

Move PDMS Setup


PDMS will be unavailable during this period. The setup will be relocated to W1-040. Uncured PDMS will no longer be allowed in the cleanroom. 1 Vacuum oven will remain in the cleanroom on top of the Branson


Decommission MiniBrute Furnaces 


Furnaces will be unavailable after this date. 


Move Inspection Microscopes


Microscopes will be relocated to the east wall of the cleanroom (see KJLC 150LX ALD Layout)


Install additional cleanroom storage lockers


Add 18 additional storage units along the south cleanroom wall


Relocate Trion RIE


The Trion RIE will be unavailable during this period. 


ALD installation


The ALD installation process timeline will be dependent on the ability of the installation engineer to travel to Canada from the USA.