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Outstanding Task List

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
Michael Hume2021-10-01 - Safety Committee Meeting
  • Michael Hume Review and clarify nanoFAB staff response (action plan) to a toxic gas event
Michael Hume2021-06-18 - Safety Committee Meeting
  • Melissa Hawrelechko schedule a time / date / scenario for a table top emergency drill sometime in January 2021
Melissa Hawrelechko2020-11-19 - Safety Committee Meeting
  • Michael Hume  will work with EHS and nanoFAB team to complete 2020 lab inspections
Michael Hume2020-05-28 - Safety Committee Meeting
  • Aaron Hryciw  Update the CEE Spinner SOP to don gloves over current pair before using the spinner and then remove them right after using the spinner. 
Aaron Hryciw2020-03-11 - Safety Committee Meeting



Review Previous Meeting Minutes

2020-03-11 - Safety Committee Meeting

  • Changes / modifications?
  • Accept minutes.

Review outstanding task list

Lab Inspections
  • Annual Lab inspections are due. They were originally postponed due to C19 
    • L2-121
    • L1-113
    • W1-060
    • W1-010 (no longer ours)
  • Michael Hume  will work with EHS and nanoFAB team to complete 2020 lab inspections

Safety Concerns

Concern raised by a User  about x-rays in the deposition system. Aaron Hryciw has started a thread on the LabNetwork forum to seek advice. 

Covid-19 Status update

As we begin to open up to more users, what considerations do we need to make regarding policy / procedures in the centre:

Where are we taking our direction from? There was a webinar that spun out of the Labnetwork - webinar and slide deck available here:

Bottleneck in Gowning?

  • Do we need to have the 2 person restriction in gowning if users don mask / gloves prior to entering 
    • Can we up the allowed number to 4 people?
  • Doors are major touch points? How often should this be wiped down?
  • Additional hand sanitizer outside the gowning door

Additional Cleaning

  • Maintain current additional cleaning

Space Occupancy

  • Do we put a hard number of people in each space?


  1. Move masks to outside gowning, users don masks immediately before entering and up the limit to 4. Immediately sanitize hands and don gloves before entering
    1. Update COVID-19 Information page to indicate new changes to gowning protocols
  2. Specify occupancy limits for the spaces

Emergency Drill Recap
  • Emergency drill did not take place due to the onset of Covid-19
  • New date set for  

Committee Terms
  • Most members of the current nanoFAB Safety Committee have been sitting since 2016. Our Terms of Reference indicate appointment / election should be on an annual basis. 
  • Time to re-appoint / elect new committee members.
  • We need representation from each of the functional groups. 
    • Melissa Hawrelechko  expressed a desire to remain involved as a member of the committee
    • We will request volunteers at nanoFAB team update   and then appoint members (wheel) if positions are not filled

Set Next Meeting Date


Meeting Adjournment11:22 a.m.

Action item

  •  Selection of the new safety committee -  - volunteer cut off date.  - wheel selection (done by current safety committee)