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Welcome to the nanoFAB Safety Committee Space

The main goal of the safety committee is to proactively set policies and procedures within the nanoFAB centre in order to maintain a safe working environment. Support the development of a robust health and safety culture through the following:

      • Lead the implementation of the U of A Environment, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) for the represented department.

      • Identify opportunities for and recommend EHS initiatives.

      • Promote and encourage participation in EHS initiatives.

      • Make recommendations to senior administrators on how to resolve EHS concerns.

      • Provide advice, information and assistance to unit EHS committees as required.

      • Review Terms of Reference once per year.

      • Review Emergency Response Plan once per year.

      • Prepare for and address and deficiencies identified through periodic Lab Inspections performed by EHS.

      • Review and investigate recorded safety or safety related incidents with the goal of mitigating future incidents.

Your Safety Committee

Phone: 780-248-1621
Position: Director
Department: Administration
Location: W1-051

Phone: 780-953-5081
Position: Operations Manager
Department: Operations
Location: W1-055

Phone: 780-492-0167
Position: Administrative Assistant
Department: Administration
Location: W1-053

RolenanoFAB Director
Start DateMarch 2018
Start DateNov 2016
RoleMember (Administration)
Start DateNov 2016

Phone: 780.289.4700
Position: Applications/Research Specialist
Department: Characterization
Location: W1-028a

Phone: +1 (780) 619-1463
Position: Applications/Research Specialist
Department: Fabrication
Location: W1-028a

Phone: 7809407938
Position: Fabrication Group Manager
Department: Fabrication
Location: W1-055

RoleMember (Characterization)
Start DateAug 2020
Start DateAug 2020
RoleMember (Fabrication)
Start DateAug 2020

Phone: 587-879-1518
Position: Systems/Infrastructure Specialist
Department: Operations
Location: W1-028a

Greg HodgsonB.A.ScCRSPCIH

Phone:              780.289-6275

Position:          Occupational Hygienist

Department:   EHS


RoleMember (TOPS)
Start DateAug 2020
RoleExternal Member - EHS
Start DateNov 2020


nanoFAB safety committee meetings and outcomes

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