The nanoFAB offers a wide variety of material characterization capabilities. For many, data is often required for only a few infrequent samples. This can often mean training is impractical for both the user and staff. In these cases the nanoFAB offers sample analysis services. Along with equipment time for analysis, a staff processing fee is charged. For continuous analysis needs the nanoFAB can arrange for a contract for services for external groups.

For external groups, who are interested in learning more about this capability, please contact Peng Li for more information.

Step-by-step guide

All sample analysis requests must be submitted through LMACS. Samples are dropped off and picked up outside of ECERF W1-040.

  1. Login to LMACS
  2. Create a new request.
    1. Select 
      1. Sample - XPS type for XPS analysis
      2. Sample type for other analysis 
    2. Enter as much information as necessary in the Summary field.
    3. If you would like your samples returned to you, check Return any samples. If left unchecked, your samples will be discarded.
    4. Click Create Request
  3. Once the request is successfully created, click Edit Request to add details about your samples.
  4. Expand the Add Item(s) section. You will add one item per sample.
    1. Enter the sample name in the Label field
    2. Select Sample for the type
    3. Add any additional information and analysis details in the Description field
    4. Click Add Item
  5. Repeat step 4 for any additional samples
  6. Print your request after adding all the items and details.
    1. Click the print icon located below your name in the upper right corner of the request. 
    2. Check Item Details
    3. Click Print Request
    4. A PDF file will be generated. You will submit this with your physical sample.
  7. Print a copy of your request, attach it to your samples and submit them to one of the nanoFAB Characterization Labs: 
    1. CME L1-113 (Lower Level 1)
    2. ECERF W1-040
  8. Comments and results will be communicated through the Comments and Files sections of the request in LMACS.
    1. Results will be uploaded to Files
    2. Communication should be done through the Comments 
  9. If you asked for your samples to be returned, they will be available for pickup outside the Characterization labs in CME L1-113 or ECERF W1-040. 

Data processing and software training

  • Analysis softwares are available at the common computers in ECERF W1-028
  • Should you require software training (CasaXPS, JADE-XRD, Oxford EDX, JEOL EDX, SIMS), please submit a training request on LMACS - select tool “Characterization software

Please review the Sample Compatibility document to ensure we are able to process your sample.