Most equipment in the nanoFAB can be accessed 24/7. The only time the centre is truly shut down is over the winter break. Users can take advantage of this to access high-demand equipment in off-peak hours. In order to access equipment after hours, you must first demonstrate a sufficient level of competence to satisfy the trainer that the risk to both yourself and the equipment is minimal.

After-hours access is a privilege and not a right. Access is granted at the sole discretion of the equipment trainer and may be revoked at any time.

Step-by-step guide

Complete the steps below to request after-hours equipment access.

  1. Login to LMACS and create a new request.
    • The request type should be After-Hours Access so that it is routed appropriately
    • You must indicate the equipment in the request. If multiple equipment is to be considered, create a new item within the request for each tool.
  2. The request will be reviewed.
    • Once received, the trainer will review the request and determine if you have demonstrated the required competency to work after hours. If not, the process ends here and you will be notified that additional training is required.
  3. Review the Hazard assessment.
    • Review the required Hazard Assessment if applicable.
      1. An LMACS task will be assigned to you in your after-hours request with a link to the required document. 
      2. Once you have reviewed this document, add a new comment within the task, acknowledging you have read and understood the Hazard Assessment.
      3. Staff member will close the request item as "Complete" on your behalf.
  4. Submit list of Buddies (if required).
    • If, as a result of the hazard assessment, it is determined that a buddy is required (i.e., process receives a "high" hazard level), you must submit a list of potential buddies for review.
    • Ensure your buddy will meet the required qualifications.
  5. If approved, your profile is updated.
    • Your access on the equipment will be changed to Colleague.
    • If a buddy is required for this equipment, your approved buddies will be added to the non-billing nanoFAB.Buddy project.  If the buddies are not already users on the equipment, they will be added, with Buddy status.
    • To login to equipment after hours if a buddy is required:
      1. A buddy should first login to the equipment using the nanoFAB.Buddy project.  This user will receive a "You're the buddy!" notification on LMACS, and login for users with Colleague status will be allowed on the equipment, but the tool is not yet enabled.
      2. You then login to the equipment using a billable project to enable the tool.
      3. After processing is complete, both you and your buddy should logout of the equipment.
    • If required, request after-hours building access.

Regular Hours

Regular staffed hours are between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Access during any statutory holidays or University closures will be considered after-hours. There will be no access to the facility during the annual University winter closure.

After Hours

Any time outside of regular hours.

Group Requests

This process is applied on a per user basis. If you wish to submit a request for access to multiple tools, you can create a single request with multiple items, one for each tool. If a group wishes to request access to a single tool for a number of users, they may create a single request with multiple items, one for each user.