If you have been granted after-hour access to equipment in the nanoFAB, you will also need after-hour access to the building itself. This document describes the process for requesting after-hours access to nanoFAB facilities in ECERF.

Step-by-step guide

In order to be eligible for after-hours access to nanoFAB ECERF facilities, you must have completed after-hours training on at least one piece of equipment. For details on how to request after-hour access to equipment, refer to the After Hour Access Policy(Equipment)

After-hours access to nanoFAB Computational Space can be granted by request.

  1. Complete the required equipment training. Follow Request after-hours equipment access process.
  2. Complete nanoFAB Building After-Hours Access Request from (below)
    1. Be sure to include the Request ID of your completed training session.