This process applies to all nanoFAB users who wish to bring a guest—defined as someone who has not completed a cleanroom safety orientation—into the cleanroom or 10k areas. Any currently active nanoFAB user may submit a request to bring a guest into the centre. In order for the request to be approved, the user must have attained at least a user status on at least 1 piece of equipment in the area they wish to visit. 

If you are looking to arrange a tour for a group of people, you should use request a tour.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Point your browser to LMACS.
  2. Create an LMACS request
    1. The request type should be Guest Access so that it is appropriately routed
    2. You must include:
      1. Purpose of visit and brief description of scope (what do they plan to do while here)
      2. Guest Name
      3. Guest Email
      4. Guest Affiliation (to user)
      5. Guest Age if under 18
      6. Requested Date of visit
  3. The request will be reviewed
    1. nanoFAB staff will review your request and determine if it should be approved or denied.
    2. The approval process is solely at the discretion of nanoFAB staff members, but at a bare minimum the requesting user must have at least a User status on one piece of equipment in the area they with to visit (ie. Cleanroom / Characterization lab)
  4. Visit The nanoFAB (if approved)
    1. Bring your guest at the indicated time/date to the nanoFAB office (W1-053) to sign in before entering the lab.
    2. During sign in, your guest will receive a GUEST ID badge. This must be worn at all times.
    3. You are required to provide an abridged safety orientation to the guest visitor. This must include the location of all emergency exits, eyewash stations, safety shower, and overview of the status indicators & hazardous gas alarms.
    4. Guests are not permitted to touch or operate any equipment in the nanoFAB
    5. Once the visit is complete, your guest shall return the ID badge to the nanoFAB office and sign out.

You are responsible for your guest! The nanoFAB contains a number of hazards and it is your responsibility to ensure that your guest is kept safe as all times, doing no harm to themselves or other. Guests should be instructed to always move slowly and deliberately in the lab. Hands should remain close to their body and they should not touch anything.