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In some cases you may wish to perform a non-standard process, setup a specific apparatus for a measurement, or request some modification to existing hardware. In all of these cases, the nanoFAB must be consulted in order to obtain approval. As per section 1.4 in the General User Policy Manual - you must never modify a piece of equipment without prior approval from staff

This process is used to request any special hardware setup or equipment configuration. 

Submission of an Equipment Configuration request does not constitute approval. Until a request is explicitly granted, is it implicitly denied.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create an LMACS request
  2. Select Equipment Configuration as the request type
  3. Select the appropriate piece of equipment if applicable
  4. Provide as much detail as possible in your request. Include any supporting documentation
  5. If you will require a new material or chemical, include an item in the request with the type New Material Import
  6. Submit your request. 
  7. Once submitted, your request will be reviewed and a response provided in the original request.

Review Process:

Once a request has been submitted it will be reviewed by:

  1. Relevant Equipment Trainer
  2. Operations Manger
  3. Characterization or Fabrication group manager (as appropriate)

Together, a determination will be made and a response sent to you via the original LMACS request