If you are an external user of the nanoFAB, and wish to access the centre after hours, you will need to request a CCID in order to receive a ONEcard.  This guide describes the process used to request a new CCID for guests or to request a change in affiliation for users with existing, expired CCIDs.

Step-by-step guide

Create an LMACS Request

  1. Login to LMACS and create a new request for a CCID (administration).
  2. Fill out the form located here: Create New Person ID Form
  3. Upload a signed copy of the form to the LMACS request.

Request a ONEcard

  1. Once you have received your CCID, go to the ONEcard website.
  2. Follow the instructions in the ONEcard for staff, post docs and contractors section to request a physical ONEcard.

You may now proceed to Request after-hours building access.

Guest CCID Renewal

Please note that Guest CCID will expire after one (1) year regardless of activity. Users are responsible for requesting Guest CCID renewal in a timely manner to avoid loss of services, including loss of after-hours building access.

Multiple Requests in a Single Group

If a single group is requesting multiple CCIDs, they may use a single request, with individual request items for each user. Signed forms must be uploaded to the appropriate user request item.