Planarizing Coating PC43-700


Futurrex, Inc.

Composition>80% cyclohexanone, <20% resins (proprietary), 1–5% additives (proprietary); liquid
Typical UsesPlanarizing layer, used in etchback processes to transfer planar topology into an underlying dielectric.

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Flammable Less serious health effects

Serious eye damage/eye irritation Category 2A ; Flammable liquids Category 3 ; Skin corrosion/irritation Category 3 ; Acute toxicity (inhalation) Category 4 ; Acute toxicity (oral) Category 4


Cabinet 11 (flammables cabinet in Wet Aisle 1)

DisposalSolid: Organic waste / organic sharps waste containers in primary or secondary litho areas.  Liquid: solvent waste bottles in litho wet decks or wet decks 1A/1B/2A.

Spinning and baking may be done in Fumehood (Aisle 1) only:  spin in foil-lined Headway spinner and bake on hot plates in fume hood.  May be used in RIE (Trion), RIE (Oxford NGP80), or ICPRIE (Cobra Reactive Etch) for etchback to planarize underlying dielectric.


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