ProductPA 400 R
ManufacturerHD MicroSystems
Composition60–100% 1-methoxy-2-propyl acetate; liquid
Typical UsesRinse/develop stop for HD 4100 photodefinable polyimide

1 0 2 Flammable

Flammable liquids Category 3 ;  Acute toxicity Category 4 (dermal)

StorageCabinet 6 (flammables cabinet in Wet Aisle 1)
DisposalSolid: Organic waste / organic sharps waste containers in primary or secondary litho areas.  Liquid: solvent waste bottles in litho wet decks or wet decks 1A/1B/2A.
CommentsDeveloping must occur within Aisle 1 fumehood. A puddle develop process may be done using the Laurell spinner, lid open (interlock defeated using a magnetic stir rod), with a foil chimney surrounding the chuck, such that all developer is caught in the chimney and flows into the spinner waste. Pour a working volume of PA 400 R into a small beaker to use during puddle develop process.

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