Please note due to Covid-19 restrictions, access to some nanoFAB resources may not be available.
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nanoFAB provides offline version of Oxford Logviewer Utility on nanoFAB public workstations in ECERF W1-028b Computational Space. 


  1. Export a subset of log files that you wish to view on Cleanroom Estrelas workstation.
  2. Transfer to own AFS space using standard WinSCP file transfer procedure Use WinSCP file transfer.
  3. On Computational Space workstations, retrieve your log files from AFS using WinSCP. Copy your log files to c:\optsyslg directory.
    1. Please ensure that your log files do NOT have an extension. E.g. "p1W0221" is a valid file name. "p1W0221.log" is not.
  4. Launch LogViewer from desktop icon "Start Logviewer Utility"
  5. You should be able to access your log files at this point.

Oxford log directory c:\optsyslg is exempt from auto-deletion. However to maintain acceptable application performance, this directory may be cleared manually at any time.

Please ensure that you remove your log files once analysis is completed. 

There should be no expectation of persistence for any data stored on Computational Space workstations.