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Nickel oxide

Manufacturer(Produced via reactive sputtering of Ni)
Composition100% nickel oxide; solid
SynonymsNiO, nickel (II) oxide
Typical UsesThin-film material

2 0 0 Serious health effects Less serious health effects

Respiratory or skin sensitization Category 1 , Specific target organ toxicity – repeated exposure Category 1 (inhalation), Carcinogenicity Category 1A , Chronic aquatic toxicity Category 4

StorageNot stored at the nanoFAB:  this material is produced via reactive sputtering of Ni.  N.B.  Avoid generation and inhalation of particulates.
DisposalCollected and disposed of as hazardous waste.
CommentsApproved for deposition in Sputtering System #4 (Moe) via reactive sputtering.


Check First

Please contact a nanoFAB staff member for uses not listed above.