Please note due to Covid-19 restrictions, access to some nanoFAB resources may not be available.
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nanoFAB operates a number of Google Chat rooms intended to quickly reach an available staff member for assistance on a specific piece of equipment.

These channels are generally monitored during business hours but responses may be delayed depending on workload of our staff members.

How to join

Once you have qualified as a tool user, your trainer will add you to the appropriate Google Chat room. 

Google Account

Please note this feature requires users to have a Google Account. 

If you have a University of Alberta CCID (as a student, staff member, or guest) you already have a Google Account and no further action is required.

Users without a Google Account are encouraged to request a Guest CCID by following the process described in Request a CCID nanoFAB KB article.

Please refer to Google Knowledge Base article for details

You can access this room using one or more of the following methods:

Invitation email

Once you are added to the support chat room, you will receive an invitation email.

Click "Open in Google Chat"

This will lead you directly into the support chat room.

Access through Google Chat

Navigate to

If not already signed in, sign in to your Google account.

You will see a list of chat rooms 

Select the appropriate chat room you wish to join.

Access through Gmail

Navigate to

If not already signed in, sign in to your Google account.

Your available chat rooms will appear in the right sidebar.

Access on a mobile device

If not already available, please download the Google Chat app appropriate for your device


Google Chat for iOS


Google Chat for Android

Select the "Rooms" icon at the bottom of the screen.

Join the desired Google Chat room.

Basic Functionality

Leaving the room

You can temporarily leave the room and return at a later point. 

Click on the room title 

Select "Leave"

This will remove you from the room and stop notifications. You can rejoin at any time.

Re-joining the room

If you wish to rejoin the room:

Access Google Chat at

Select "Find people, rooms, bots"

Select "Browse Rooms

Select the room you wish to join.

Disabling notifications

Chat rooms with many users can get overwhelming with a high number of notifications.

You may not want to receive notifications for each chat message. 

To disable notifications

Click on the room title.

Select "Turn off notifications"

This will disable notifications on all your devices.

Please note that @Mentions specifically targeted at you will still trigger a notification regardless of this setting.