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ProductHiPco Carbon Nanotubes
ManufacturerNanoIntegris, Inc.
Composition≤100% synthetic graphite; solid (powder)
Synonymssingle-called carbon nanotubes, fullerene nanotubes
Typical UsesLaboratory chemical

2 0 0

Serious health effects

Germ cell mutagenicity Category 1B  (see Additional SDSs)

StorageNot stored in the nanoFAB.
DisposalOrganic waste / organic sharps waste buckets under Aisle 1 fumehood. 
CommentsMaterial coated onto substrates in user's lab (very dilute).  Only allowed in Bottom Vacuum Oven for annealing.


Check First

Please contact a nanoFAB staff member for uses not listed above.

Additional SDS sheets