The LMACS Request System is used both to request resources at the nanoFAB and to notify nanoFAB staff about anything in the centre that requires their attention.  It should be nanoFAB users' first point of contact for any needs related to their nanoFAB activities.

The complexity of a request can vary greatly:  it may be very simple (e.g., requesting a booking cancellation), or it may represent an entire process flow training request with detailed steps, files, and equipment reservations.

Requests are assigned to to staff members who will work with the user to complete the request.  All communications relating to the request should be done by posting comments in the request, since this ensures that all relevant information is available to any nanoFAB staff who need it.

Common activities handled via the Request System include:

1.0 Create a new request

1.1  Login to LMACS.  If you are not a registered nanoFAB user, you will first need to complete the registration process.

1.2 Click the Requests button and complete the Submit a New Request form.

  • Title:  Enter a title for the Request.

    The title should be descriptive but not too detailed.  "Training" is not a good title (too general); "SOI photonics fabrication training" would be better (adds more detail, differentiates it from other training requests).

  • Project:  Select a project to contain any charges that may be associated with the request. If the request does not warrant any charge, nothing will be billed.
  • Type:  Select an appropriate type from the available list.  If your request does not exactly match one of the available options, choose the closest fit.

    Selecting some request types will open up a sidebar to the right fo the form, providing additional information regarding the intended purpose of the request type, details to be included in the Summary field, etc.

  • Equipment (optional):  If the request is associated with a single piece of equipment (e.g., booking cancellation, equipment configuration, single-tool training request), select the tool here.  If the request does not involve any equipment (e.g., new material import) or it involves multiple pieces of equipment (e.g., training on a fabrication process flow requiring several tools), this field can be left blank.
  • Summary:  Enter a descriptive summary for the request. This should be as detailed as possible, but keep in mind you can add much more information once the request has been created.

1.3 Click the Create Request button to submit the request.

Once the form has been completed and submitted, you have completed the minimum requirements for submitting a request.  You will see your request listed along with any other pending requests you have already submitted.  However, if you would like to (or need to) add more information, you can now elaborate on the request.

2.0 Add some more details

When you first create a request, you typically only supply the minimum required information. If necessary, you can now add any additional information that may be required. 

2.1 Locate your new request. There are a few ways to accomplish this:

  • You can do this by immediately clicking the link provided after initially creating your request.
  • Alternately, when you login to LMACS, you will see a list of your pending requests on your homepage. You can click any of the fields to open the editor. 

  • You can also search all of your past requests by visiting the Requests section in your profile overview.
    • User name (in header) → Overview → Requests tab
  • Lastly, if you know the request ID, you can enter it in the search field at the top of the page. 

2.2 Modify your request by editing sections of the Request Modification Screen, as necessary.

  • Summary:  The details of the main request.
    • You can update your initial summary here.
  • Files:  Files uploaded to the request and items will be listed here. 
    • You can drag and drop new file uploads 
  • Comments:  Comments posted to the request and items will be listed here.
    • Any comments associated with the request will be listed here. Entering a new comment will send an email notification to all users associated with the request. This will include the initial user who submitted the request as well as anyone who has been assigned to it.
  • Bookings: Tool reservations tied to the request and items will be listed here.
    • You can create equipment reservations from within the request. This is often used to reserve equipment for training sessions or other work associated with the submission.
  • Add Items:  Use this form to add new items to the request.
    • Items can represent anything from a process step, to a sample, or a sub-task of the primary request. Each item can have its own files, comments, and bookings associated with it.  A common use case for training requests is to add an item for each piece of equipment on which you need training.
  • Item Details:  Use this section to view, reorder, and edit the details of the individual items.
    • Clicking an individual item will allow you to edit the data associated with the specific item.
    • Items can be re-ordered (by dragging and dropping) if required to represent a process flow

You can drag and drop the panels to order them as you please. The system will remember your settings next time you visit the page.

The Request model in detail.

More information on the LMACS Request model may be found in the application note: LMACS Request Details