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New User Information

Any tool usage or consumable purchases at the nanoFAB are charged to a given project on LMACS.  Only users with a group manager role may create new projects; group managers are restricted to creating projects within one of their managed groups.

Step-by-step guide

  1. To create a new project select Create New Project from the Manage menu at the left of the primary navigation bar.

  2. The project creation form should now be displayed:

  3. Fill in the Required Information section:

    • Primary Group – Select the appropriate group to create the project under. Project names are automatically prepended with the Group name in the system to avoid naming conflicts.

    • Project Name – Enter the project name

    • Type – Select the project type

  4. Fill in any of the Optional Parameters fields, as desired:

    • Project Nickname – Some project names can get very long and unwieldy. If desired, a nickname can be used to replace the long name throughout the system. Only used if the next option is Yes.

    • Use Nickname – Determines if the system will use the full project name or the nickname.

    • PO Number – Printed on project invoices if specified

    • Project Cap – If entered, the project will automatically become inactive once the project total reaches this amount. This prevents further charges from being incurred.

    • Warning Limit – If set, and email will be sent to the project & group managers once the project has exceeded this amount.

    • End Date – If set, the project will automatically become inactive after this date.

    • Comment – Some generic comment space

  5. Click Create Project.  Group managers will receive an email notification about the creation of the new project.

    Newly-created projects may initially be inactive, depending on project type—this will be indicated by the text "Status: Inactive (Pending Activation)" in the notification email.  In this case, the project must be activated by nanoFAB staff before it can be used.

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