What is LMACS?

LMACS Stands for: Laboratory Management & Access Control System. LMACS is the main entry point to all equipment and services within the nanoFAB. As a registered user, you will use this system to perform most of the day-to-day activities within the lab, such as:

For more information about the LMACS system, visit the documentation site.

New User Information

In order to access any of the equipment or services of the nanoFAB you must first become a registered LMACS user. To become a registered user follow the steps outlined in this guide.

Step-by-step guide

The registration process is broken up into the following steps:

1. Account Creation

The first step creates your user account within the system. This step collects some basic information. If you enter a CCID - do not enter your ID number - this should be the first part of your U of A email - i.e.: your-ccid@ualberta.ca 

  1. Point your browser to the LMACS homepage (admin.nanofab.ualberta.ca)
  2. Click Register. A pop-up will appear similar to the one pictured here.
  3. Fill in all of the appropriate information and submit the form.
  4. Once the form has been successfully completed, the new account will be created and you will be sent an email with a confirmation link. The confirmation link will be valid for 24 hr. If the link is not clicked within that time period, you will have to start from the beginning.

2. Account Activation

The second step is used to verify your email. An activation link is sent to the email address entered above. Clicking the link will activate your account.

  1. Check your email and click the activation link generated in the first step. This will take you to a web page where you will continue the registration process.
  2. Read and agree to the terms and conditions for User access. 
  3. Click Activate Account
  4. Your account will switch to “Active” in LMACS. This will generate another email which will provide you with your username and temporary password.

3. Account Configuration

This section contains two possible paths - most Users will follow 2a. This means that you are joining an existing group / project. If this is the case, you will need to know both your group (PI) name and the name of the project you want to join before completing this section.

If you are a PI attempting to create a new Group, that is you will be financially responsible for work in the nanoFAB, and plan to register students or employees under your project, then you will follow 2b. 

  1. Click the LMACS Login link in the email generated in the previous step, or point your browser to admin.nanofab.ualberta.ca.
  2. Login and change your password.
  3. If you are joining an existing Project (Path 2a), enter your groups name and default project, and click Select Project.
  4. This will send an email to the group manager to confirm that you should be added to their project. You will remain inactive on the project until you are confirmed by the group or project manager. 

If you are creating a new Group & Project - review the terms and conditions for creating a new group, and click Create New Group, and follow the next step.

4. Create New Group (Path 2b.)

This section should only be used by PI's or Company representatives who will be financially responsible for charges occurred in the nanoFAB. DO NOT COMPLETE THIS STEP OTHERWISE.
  1. Complete the Group registration information. This will be used for billing purposes. Pay special attention to the Will You Pay By Indent selection. This should only be Yes if you are working in the University of Alberta financial ecosystem. 
  2. Complete the New Project form. 
  3. Before you can use your new project, it will have to be activated by the nanoFAB. This is to ensure that you've selected the correct Project Type.

Administration Fee

A one-time $200 administrative fee is charged for all new registrants.  If you are a Principal Investigator (PI) wishing to create a new group, this can be done upon activation of your account.

Next Steps

Once you've activated and configured your account, you are ready to create your first LMACS request. Welcome to the nanoFAB!