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LMACS doesn't include native support for viewing booking events in a calendar form; however, you can create a custom calendar feed for your LMACS bookings. Creating a custom calendar feed can be useful if you wish to aggregate booking information for a particular user, group of tools or project. By using a custom URL you can generate a specific ICS feed that you can subscribe to in any standard calendar application. This guide describes the procedure to create & subscribe to custom calendar views. 

Step-by-step guide

The following parameters can be used together to form a unique URL to generate a calendar feed which will contain all reservations that match the parameters. For each parameters, you can select multiple items by using a comma separated list.

user_idUsed to select a user or multiple users.calendars/?user_id=2717 - Generates a calendar with all bookings for a single user
calendars/?user_id=5633,6355,7832,4335 - Generates a calendar with all of bookings for users with the listed id’s.
tool_idUsed to select a tool or group of tools.calendars/?tool_id=125,340,299 - Generates a calendar with all bookings for a specific set of tools.
project_idUsed to select a project or list of projects.calendars/?project_id=355 - Generates a calendar with all bookings for a specific project.
request_idUsed to select a request or list of requests.calendars/?request_id=355 - Generates a calendar with all bookings for a specific request.
location_idUsed to select a location or locations.calendars/?location_id=1 - Generates a calendar with all of bookings for location with id = 1.
You can also combine parameters to create unique calendar feeds:  calendars/?user_id=2717&tool_id=125,340,299&project_id=23423

Subscribing to a Calendar Feed

  1. Create a custom URL using the parameters above. Add the selected parameters to the calendar base URL (found in the booking pages - example: ).
  2. You can now subscribe to the feed using your favourite Calendar application.

Google Calendar

  1. Beside Other Calendars, click the little down arrow and select Add by URL
  2. Copy and Paste desired url and click Add Calendar.

Apple iCalendar

  1. Select File -> New Calendar Subscription
  2. Copy and Paste the url above and click Subscribe.

Microsoft Outlook

  1. In the calendar pane, right click Other Calendars and select Add Calendar -> From Internet
  2. Copy and Paste the url above and click Ok.