Applicable EquipmentBruker XRD & Rigaku XRD
Process AreaCharacterization 
XRD Comparison Rigaku Ultima IV vs. Bruker D8 Discover

Bruker XRD (link to Tool page)Rigaku XRD (link to Tool Page)

X-ray sourceCu


Always on standard stage, user transfer to heating stage after trained

"Powder – thin film stage " rotation every 2 weeks by staff
  1. Standard powder stage
  2. Heating stage
  1. Standard powder/bulk stage
  2. Ten sample powder stage
  3. Thin Film stage (Multi-purpose)
Powder YesYes
Dimension Requirement for Bulk Sampleup to 50*70*15 mm (LWH)

1) For ASC10 stage,  up to 12*12*2 mm (LWH)

2) Standard Stage, up to 30*30*35 mm (LWH)

3) Thin Film stage, max 8 mm in height

Require Sample Surface Flatnessrelative flat

uneven surface need to use setting

1) PB + standard stage or 2) PB+ TF stage(max H<8mm)

Thin Film sampleNoThin Film Stage
Beam GeometryFocusing beam (FB)Parallel Beam (PB) & FB

Scan axis

2theta/theta, Phi-, Chai2theta/theta, Phi-, Chai-, 2qtheta/Chai/Phi-
DetectorLynxEYE (high sensitivity)Scintillation Counter (flat background)
FilterK-betaMonochromator or K-beta
Pole FigureYes* (discuss with trainer)Yes* (discuss with trainer)