ProductChrome Mask Etchant 9030
ManufacturerTransene Company, Inc.
Composition4–6% perchloric acid, 6–8% ceric ammonium nitrate, 86–90% water; liquid
Synonymschrome etch
Typical UsesWet-etching of chromium thin films (including on photomasks)

2 1 0 Serious health effects Less serious health effects

Specific target organ toxicity – single exposure Category 2 , Specific target organ toxicity – repeated exposure Category 2 , Serious eye damage/eye irritation Category 2B , Skin corrosion/irritation Category 3 , Oxidizing liquids Category 3 , Acute toxicity Category 4 (oral),  Acute toxicity Category 4 (dermal),  Acute toxicity Category 4 (inhalation)   


Cabinet 9 (acids cabinet in Wet Aisle 1)

DisposalCollect in "Chrome etch waste" bottle in Cabinet 9 and dispose of as hazardous material when full.


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