Equipment reservations can only be cancelled by a nanoFAB staff member. This is to avoid equipment monopolization practices and ensure that there is fair access to equipment. When working in the nanoFAB, it is important to plan your workflow and book equipment in such a manner as to avoid overbooking equipment "just in case". That being said, there are often a number of circumstances that can arise which necessitate the legitimate cancellation of a piece of equipment (previous process step failure, equipment maintenance, etc..). In these cases, follow the procedure below to request a cancellation. 

Short notice cancellations, or failing to use a booking may result in charges as outlined in the Booking Cancellation Policy.

Step-by-step guide

All booking cancellations must be submitted through LMACS, emails sent directly to staff members will be ignored.

  1. Login to LMACS.
  2. Go to the Requests Page
  3. Create a new Administration type request.
  4. Select the equipment you wish to cancel the reservation for 
    • If you are requesting the cancellation of multiple pieces of equipment, do not create multiple requests. Create a single request and add a new Request Item for each reservation you wish to cancel.
  5. Enter an appropriate title (e.g., Booking Cancellation Request)
  6. Indicate the reason for the cancellation in the Description as well as the date and time of the reservation.
  7. Use the same project the equipment was reserved with.
  8. Click Submit
  9. A nanoFAB staff member will complete the request. 

On certain high-demand instruments, an automatic notification will be generated to let other users know that the equipment is now available. You should cancel with sufficient notice that other users may take advantage of the time.

Equipment Monopolization

As an open access centre, the nanoFAB strives to provide equal access to all Users. Booking monopolization techniques are not allowed. As such, there may be a penalty associated with repeated cancellations, or last minute cancellations ( less than 24 hrs ) - see Booking Cancellation Policy for details.