ProductCYTOP CTX-8**SP2 (** = 01 ~ 15)

AGC Inc.

Composition85–99% Perfluorotributylamine, 1-15% Poly-1,1,2,4,4,5,5,6,7,7-decafluoro-3-oxa-1,6-heptadiene; liquid
SynonymsPerfluorinated solvent
Typical UsesLift-off layer for organic depositions; replacement for Orthogonal SL2.

1 1 1  

Not classified as hazardous.

StorageCabinet 11 (photoresists) or Cabinet 14 (flammables fridge)
DisposalLiquid:  Collect waste in dedicated "Halogenated waste" bottle, to be stored in Cabinet 5 until full.  Solid:  Organic waste / organic sharps waste containers in primary or secondary litho areas.

To be spin-coated using Headway or Laurell spinners and baked in Aisle 1 Fumehood.  May be diluted with CYTOP CT-SOLV180.

(warning) Do not heat ≥300 °C:  product may decompose and evolve carbonyl fluoride, hydrogen fluoride (HF), and perfluoroisobutylene.


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