Due to the relatively high cost of photomask fabrication, submission must be authorized by the project or group manager for each project under which a mask fabrication request is being submitted.

Step-by-step guide

These steps must be completed by the project or group manager. Once a user's account has been configured to allow photomask submission, they can submit their mask for fabrication using LMACS.
  1. Login to LMACS.
  2. Click Manage → Managed Projects from the upper-left menu bar.
  3. Select the desired project and click Users.
  4. Click the small info icon  next to the desired user.
  5. Switch the Can Submit Masks slider from No to Yes.
  6. You may optionally add a limit to the number of masks in the Mask Limit field. Leaving this blank allows for unlimited mask submissions.
  7. Click Update.