The ZEISS Sigma family combines field-emission SEM (FESEM) technology with an excellent user experience. Structure your imaging and analysis routines and increase productivity with Sigma’s intuitive 4-step workflow. You’ll capture more data, faster than ever before. Choose from a variety of detector options to tailor Sigma precisely to your applications: you can image particles, surfaces, nanostructures, thin films, coatings and layers. With the Sigma family you enter  the world of high-end imaging: Sigma 300 delivers excellence in price and performance while Sigma 500’s best-in-class EDS geometry delivers superb analytical performance. Count on accurate, reproducible results – from any sample, every time.

LMACS NameZeiss Sigma FeSEM
Confluence Labelzeiss-sigma-fesem
Process Area



CMEB - L2 - 125A

System Features

1Resolution: 2 nm and 1 kV
2Gemini optics, Low voltage Imaging
3Different Detector for various sample type of Imaging requirement:  In-Lens,  SE , BSD, EDX and EBSD.
47 apertures to choose from plus High current mode option.
5Motorized stage for sample movement and tilt (up to 90 degree)

Training Pre-Requisites

Starting , all trainees on the Zeiss Sigma FESEM at the nanoFAB are required to complete an online training course before they can start their first hands on training.

Please note, this training is delivered through eClass External. For more information please review University of Alberta - eClass External.


Operating Procedure
Product Brochure

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