The TPT HB16 Wire bonder is a manual/semi automatic ultrasonic wire bonder with motorized Z- and Y-axes, as well as precise manual control of sample positioning in the XY plane, used to create electrical interconnects between dies and packages/printed circuit boards. With electronic control of all bonding variables (sample temperature, ultrasound power, force, and time), this tool is able to perform ball-wedge bonding, wedge-wedge bonding, and ball-bumping. The user is also able to control the bonding loop both manually and automatically.

System Features

SamplesPCBDie on PCBPackagingDie in packaging
Sample holderDove-tail clampsVacuumHeated
Bonding modesBall-wedgeWedge-wedge

Wires25 µm Au33 µm Al (wedge only)

Operation modesSemi-automaticManual

Other featuresMotorized Z- and Y-motionLoop profiles with up to 10 steps (automatic)Laser pointer6× stereo microscope


Operating Procedures & Hazard Assessments