In order to make room for the new Raith Voyager EBL System, the Raith 150-Two will be relocated to CME L1-113. Raith will complete the move, the quote can be found below. They have requested that nanoFAB staff be available to aid in the relocation and schedule riggers to perform the move. Raith will observe and assist the riggers in the relocation. The Auger will need to be surplussed and soft walls will be installed to separate L1-113 from the rest of the lab space. We will need to install another door pin pad for access to the rest of the lab. Once installed, Raith will complete and Filament/Aperture change, see quote below.

Tool Location


Get Electrical Installation Scheduled


Remove Walls in Cleanroom


Surplus Auger


Electrical Installation in CME L1-113


Prepare Facilities


Raith On-site for Tool Move


Aperture/Filament Change


Task List