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LMACS NameParylene Deposition System
Maintenance FrequencyEvery 150 grams of Parylene C deposited 
Hazard AssessmentParylene Deposition System -HA
Procedure Owner

Preparation & PPE

PreparationPlanning is key to a successful PM. Be sure to book the tool in LMACS at least 1 week prior to the planned work. Login to the tool using the nanoFAB.Equipment Service when starting the work.

PPE -Full face mask, hair net, gloves, lab coat

Tools Required

  • Allen Wrenches
  • Gloves
  • IPA & Tecwipes
  • face mask
  • Brush
  • T-handle to connect wire brush
  • Vacuum Grease
  • Replacement O-Rings (insert size / qty)
  • House Vacuum
  • Drill Press
  • Reamer
  • Wire brush on grinder to clean parts
  • drill bits to clean baffle


  1. Vent chamber
    1. describe procedure (can follow the procedure as described in SOP)
  2. Remove the chamber from the base and clean with micro soap 90
  3. Remove the baffle from the chamber base
  4. Remove the platen from the chamber and clean parylene from it.
  5. Using a brush and T-handle clean the furnace
  6. Clean excess Parylene from the chamber base
  7. Replace the baffle with the cleaned spare and seal the top of the baffle and where the baffle rests on the chamber base with glass tape
  8. Wet the chamber base with Micro soap 90
  9. Wet both side of the platen with Micro soap 90 and replace
  10. Clean and grease the process chamber O-rings 
  11. Wet the inside of the chamber with Micro soap 90 and place on the chamber base
  12. Replace the substrate holder in the chamber
  13. Clean the chamber lip and wet with Micro soap 90
  14. When the micro soap 90 is dry on all of the parts replace the chamber lid
  15. Open the vaporizer and vacuum dust from cleaning furnace
  16. Check for Parylene residue in vaporizer and clean if necessary
  17. Remove o-ring from vaporizer door, clean and grease with vacuum grease
  18. Remove cold trap probe and clean if necessary
  19. Clean cold trap if necessary
  20. Remove cold trap o-ring clean and grease.
  21. Leave chamber under vacuum when finished
  22. take the used baffles to the subfab and ream the inside of the baffle using the drill press
  23. drill out the holes in the baffle
  24. remove excess parylene from the exterior with the wire brush on the grinder 

Document the work

Complete the form below to document your work. If there was any additional work done outside the scope of the procedure listed above, be sure to create a separate blog entry to capture the additional work. Ensure that you label the content appropriately. 

Maintenance Form