The PlasmaPro 80 reactive ion etch (RIE) is a compact, small footprint system offering versatile etch and deposition solutions with convenient open loading. It is easy to site and easy to use, with no compromise on process quality. The open load design allows fast wafer loading and unloading, ideal for research, prototyping and low-volume production. It enables high performance processes using optimised electrode cooling and excellent substrate temperature control.

LMACS NameRIE (Oxford NGP80)
Confluence Labeloxford-plasmapro-ngp80-rie
Process Area

Plasma Etch

ModelPlasmaPro 80 RIE
VendorOxford Instruments

System Features

Wafer Handlingpieces (unmounted)100 mm150 mm

Gas SpeciesO2CF4SF6ArCHF3N2
RF Power300 W

Chuck5 ºC (min)80 ºC (max)graphite chuck