The PlasmaPro 100 Cobra ICP utilises high-density plasma to achieve high-rate etching. The process modules offer excellent uniformity, high-throughput, high-precision, and low-damage processes for wafer sizes up to 150 mm. 

LMACS NameICPRIE (Cobra Reactive Etch)
Confluence Labeloxford-plasmapro-100-cobra
Process Area

Plasma Etch

ModelPlasmaPro 100 Cobra
VendorOxford Instruments

Equipment Configuration

Configuration Schedule

Please refer to the Oxford Cobra ICPRIE tool page on LMACS for the liner installation and 100 mm / 150 mm clamp change schedule.  By default, the Cobra is in 100 mm mode without liners.  Conversions to 150 mm mode can be done by LMACS request; please contact nanoFAB staff for more information.  

N.B.  Sputter-based etches (e.g., Au, Pt, Cu) are only allowed in the tool when liners are installed.  Users must book the tool using ICPRIE (Cobra Sputter Etch) in LMACS and only during the times when liners are installed.  The total volume of metal being etched may not exceed 0.04 mm³ (4e7 µm³) between cleaning cycles.  This corresponds to etching through a 100 nm thick film with an exposed area of 4 cm² (e.g., ~5% of a 100 mm wafer).

Different pre-process and post-process chamber cleaning recipes are required to be run depending on the tool configuration and the materials being processed.  Please contact a nanoFAB staff member if you are unsure of what the proper cleaning schedule for your process should be.

System Features

Wafer Handlingpieces (mounted)100 mm150 mm
Gas Species (Inert)O2CHF3SF6Ar
Gas Species (Toxic)Cl2HBrBCl3
ICP RF Power3 kW

Chuck RF Power300 W

Chuck-150 ºC (min)300 ºC (max)mechanical clampHBC


Operating Procedure
Hazard Assessment
Process Information