The Chiaro system utilizes a remote inductively coupled low-pressure RF plasma source (GV10x DownStream Asher), which provides an advanced method of cleaning carbon contamination for electron microscopy samples.

LMACS NameIBSS Contamination Control System
Confluence Labelibss-contamination-control-system
Process Area


ModelChiaro system with GV10x DownStream Asher
VendorIBSS Group (EIN#260267616)

System Features

Sample ApplicationRemove organic contamination for SEM and TEM sample preparation
Gas SpeciesN2/O2N2/H2
High Plasma Power49-99 W
Low Plasma Power1-49 W
Decontamination ratenear 1nm/min carbon at 20Wnear 0.1 nm/min carbon at 20 W

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