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Non-contact exposure, outstanding ease of use, and high speed make the Maskless Aligner MLA150 the ideal tool in rapid prototyping environments, for low- to mid-volume production, and in Research & Development. Our once revolutionary, now state-of-the-art maskless technology has become firmly established since our Maskless Aligner series was first introduced in 2015. The MLA150 now presents the modern-day alternative to the traditional Mask Aligner.

Maskless photolithography eliminates the need for a photomask: The system exposes the pattern directly onto the resist-covered surface. Should design modifications be required, these can be quickly implemented by changing the CAD layout, resulting in much-reduced cycle-times. You will also benefit from a fast, automated front- and backside alignment procedure as well as the outstanding speed: Exposing an area of 100 x 100 mm² with structures as small as 1 micron will take less than 10 minutes. The application areas of the MLA150 include life sciences, MEMS, micro-optics, semiconductors, sensors, actuators, MOEMS, material research, nano-tubes, and graphene.

System Features

Wafer Handlingpieces (≥ 5 mm)100 mm150 mmUp to 10 mm thick
405 nm Diode Laser8 W

375 nm UV Diode Laser2.8 W

ResolutionDown to 1 µm (resist dependent)

BSG Basic Gray Scale Exposure mode

BSA Backside Alignment1 µm precision

TSATopside alignmentbetter than 0.5 µm precision

MLHARHigh Aspect Ratio Mode

MLOAFOptical Autofocus

Daw modeAllows for custom patterning without the use of a CAD layout


Operating Procedure
Hazard AssessmentHeidelberg MLA150 HA