The pattern generator is not available for general user use. For information on how to submit a mask for fabrication visit -  Submit a file for photomask fabrication


A commercial-quality laser pattern generator for writing photomasks.  The auto-load capability of this tool enables high-quality photomasks to be produced with high throughput.

System Features

Stocked photomask blanks consist of 100 nm Cr on soda-lime glass, 5" × 5" or 7" × 7" in size
2.0 µm minimum feature size with 10 mm lens (default lens in system)
0.7 µm features possible with 4 mm lens (1 µm standard)

Mask Dimensions5" x 5" 7" x 7"
Mask Materialsoda-lime glass
Chrome Layer100 nm
Robotic autoloader