The D8 DISCOVER family is the most accurate, powerful and flexible X-ray diffraction solution on the market. To cover a vast range of applications from classic powder diffraction to cutting edge materials research, every D8 DISCOVER can be fully customized with the latest technology including high-performance X-ray sources, specialized optics, dedicated sample stages and multi-mode detectors. 

System Features

X-ray SourceCu

Sample Application PowderHeating sample
Powder Diffraction Range4- 130 degree

Scan PlaneCoupledPhi, Chai

Application SoftwareEVATOPASJade
Heating Temperature Range30 -850 C

Insitu XRD parametersvacuum pressure is 220 mmHg from the pumpNitrogen flow max pressure 3 psi (0.2 bar)Nitrogen flow rate, 50-15 mL/min


Operating Procedure
Hazard AssessmentBruker XRD HA